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if deadpool gets a bf in the sequel i want someone to say “wait… i thought you were straight!!” and deadpool’s just like “hoo boy, someone obviously hasn’t read my comics” while staring at the camera

He’s literally straight, there is no canon piece of him having serious sexual relations with a man, he has always been on about “boobs” and has only ever had female partners. You’re right, someone hasn’t been reading the comics, but it was obviously you.

Someone has obviously only read one or two fucking comics and hasn’t read the ones where he has flirted with thor, spiderman, and most of the fucking avengers. Someone has also ignored direct statements from writers, ignored the fact that the director said he was pansexual, and the fact that Ryan Reynolds has said he would like deadpool to have a boyfriend in a future movie. What we have here is a fake geek boy.

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