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October 23 2017

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me eating handfuls of pomegranate seeds as fast as i can: oh no……….look how many seeds i just ate……….i sure hope no handsome god of the underworld drags me down there to be the queen of hell forever 


hawaiian shirt + dark bags under eyes is a good look… it says yeah i would really love to be carefree and relaxed right now but certain circumstances have made that impossible

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October 22 2017

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i am online and you all have to deal with it




new head and shoulders flavor

did you forget to finish this post

im so sorry

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Honestly me.

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I love it when I wake up and stretch and something cracks. Makes me feel like a glo-stick

October 17 2017


Tonight at work I asked this man how he was doing and he responded with “That’s a personal question” and like wow what a mood

October 15 2017

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I think as a species we don’t need to produce any more alice in wonderland related media. I think we’re good on that one

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“nm just layin down talkin to you”

October 14 2017




also is anyone else amazed that a song with the line “don’t want to meet your momma, just want to make you cumma” was played on radio disney twelve times a day for like three years straight??? can you believe it won a kids’ choice award?? God Bless OutKast

He literally says in the song “Y’all don’t want to want to hear me, you just want to dance”. The whole song is about  Andre’s doubts towards romance in the face of an unhappy relationship and Andre 3000 recognizes that no one will pay attention to the lyrics simply because it has a fun sound and a catchy chorus.

This is why Hey Ya is unironically the best song of the 00s.

alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright 

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