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September 03 2017


its elmos world were just living in it




viruses are so fucked up like they aren’t even alive their sole purpose is to kill you like who do those microscopic pieces of shit think they are

I know they make me sick


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September 02 2017


How To Validate A Child’s Work Without Swearing and Saying “Lil Dude That’s Fuckin Sick”

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There are a lot of things wrong with the Netflix Death Note movie.

But, by far, Light having a “normal people scare me” post in his locker is the WORST

i wish i had never seen this

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September 01 2017

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August 31 2017




put in the tags how much money it would take for you to eat 4 of these horrible things in one sitting

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“Don’t f*cking touch me, Carl.”


this mobile update was almost good except they made tagging take like 5 extra steps for no reason


idk what’s funnier, pets with stereotypical human names like bryan and mckayla or pets with completely ridiculous names like hamburger and concrete



Okay of course I’m happy that Malala got accepted to Oxford, but I really want to know more! What did she write for her personal essay- “Just google me bitches”? Did she have to do an interview and if so did she just plonk her nobel peace prize down on the table? Did her student counselor advise her to apply to other crappier places just in case she wasn’t accepted? Was there anyone who actually turned down freaking Malala Yousafzai, I need to know!!

#she just walked in and was like ‘i go here now’  #and they were like ‘thank you’

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